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Pricing Just For You
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Our pricing structure is designed to include all of the basics you will need in our low cost design packages. To keep costs low, we have streamlined the process to make sure you know what you want before we design in order to prevent timely (and costly) rework.

Pricing website design is very difficult. Other low priced designers typically use simple, canned designs, similar to templates, that only need minor alterations to insert your personal information before they can "go live". High priced designers can spend a month putting together a 20 page layout with unique pages and custom pictures and graphics on each page.

Rather than putting our customers into a box and only allowing them a basic layout for a cheap price or an extravagant totally personalized layout at a high price, we decided to let our customers choose their level of customization.

Here, you can have as many options as you want. You can make your design exactly as you wish. Everything you need for a beautiful custom web site design is included in our 1 Page Basic or 5 Page Standard package. If you want more, you can choose to add on Additional Items.

1 Page Basic 5 Page Standard Additional
Price $150 $300 $75/page
Online Store Items 0 Inc. 0 Inc. $25/Item
Graphics/Photos 5 Inserted Free 5/Page Inserted Free $20/Item
Slideshow or Video 1 Inc. 1 Inc. Slideshow $40, Video Embed $20
Links to Other Websites 3 Inserted Free 3/Page Inserted Free $20/Link
Comments Section or Feedback Page 1 Comments Section Free 1 Comments Section or 1 of 5 Pages used for Feedback Page Free $30/Each (Plus $75 Additional Page Fee if Extra Page is Needed)
Content Management System Not Inc. Not Inc. $75/main page max. $375/site
Sub-page capability:$30/main page
Search Your Site Function Not Inc. Not Inc. $100 in same place on each page
Converting Pages to Text for Handheld Device 0 Inc. 0 Inc. $50 per Page
Converting Pages to Graphics Page for Handheld Device 0 Inc. 0 Inc. $75 per Page
Consultation Time* 1 Hour Inc. 2 Hours Inc. $60/Hour

What we DON'T INCLUDE is a Domain Name and Hosting. We recommend you purchase your Domain Name from a registrar such as GoDaddy (approximately $15/year). We recomment you purchase hosting (which is a small monthly charge of approximately $5-$8) from a web host such as HostGator. You should read and understand our Info page to understand what these items are and why it is better for you to purchase these items separately.

*Our consultation time is designed to not exceed 2 hours, Read More...

Be sure to fully read our Info and Planning pages before you start. They will help you get all you desire out of your site.

To further help you understand what is included in your web site design, please press our "Design Contract" button in the left hand column.

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